Publishing Process for a PPT in Articulate Studio ‘09

Once the chapter is finalized, all the red text is converted to black and strike through are removed.

Double check the hyperlinks on the screens. The ppt is now ready for publishing.


Step 1
Click on the Articulate tab to begin the publishing process.



Step 2 Click on the Slide Properties:


Step 3 A pop-up window appears with the slide attributes. Update the following:

  • Navigation TitleCheck all the words are capitalized (except “in”, “for”, etc.)
  • Level – If the topic is continues across multiple screens, the subsequent screens will be at level 2. Add “(Contd.)” to the navigation title to those screens.
  • Advance – Check all the slide are changed to “By User”.
  • Once done click on OK to close it.


Step 4 Click on Player Templates – [Need to be performed only once]. A pop-up with player attributes will appear:


Step 5 In the ‘Other’ tab –

  1. For browser size – select ‘Resize browser fill screen’
  2. For Presentation size – select ‘Select presentation to fill window’
  3. SELECT ‘Launch Presentation in a new window’ and ‘Display browser with no browser controls’.
  4. The option ‘Allow user to resize the browser’ must be left UNCHECKED.
  5. Save this template, and name it ‘Launcher’.

You can use this template in future publishing.


Step 6 Click on the publish button. A window with publish options will appear:


Step 7 In the publish window, select ‘LMS’ tab.

  • Change the ‘Publish Location’ to the Production Folder.
  • Enter the ‘Published Title’. Remember – The words need to be CAPITALIZED.
  • Select the player template as ‘Launcher’.
  • Click on ‘Reporting and Tracking’.


Step 8 In the Reporting and Tracking –

  • Under ‘Reporting‘ tab, select the ‘LMS‘ option as – ‘SCORM 2004‘. And the ‘Edition‘ as ‘3rd Edition‘.
  • Under ‘Tracking‘ tab, select the first option – ‘Track using the number of slides viewed‘.
  • Select the number as 60% of the number of screens. Click ‘OK’.


Now publish the screens. Check for publishing errors.

What Next?

  • Put the FLIP template, and glossary
  • Update the master-doc and the story board.


That’s it! We are done.

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