Quickly Transpose ‘THE MATRIX’

Thanks again to Chandoo for his superb trick. This is just a replication of his post.

Excel has a built-in feature that lets you transpose data with a single click.

  1. Just select your original data
  2. Press CTRL+C to copy
  3. Go to an empty area and open Paste Special (CTRL+ALT+V)
  4. Select Transpose.
  5. Done!

Although this approach works, it creates a copy of your original data. So whenever original numbers change, you must waste precious key strokes & time re-doing the transpose.

6 Steps to transpose a table of data by using Copy, Paste, Find & Replace

  1. Copy your original data & paste links to it in a blank place (CTRL+ALT+V and L)
  2. Select this new data & Press CTRL+H
  3. Replace all = with x=
  4. Copy again & paste special > transpose in another blank area
  5. Press CTRL + H again and Replace all x= with =
  6. You are Done!

Try to do it yourself. It’s really fun!

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