Top 5 things that I (Re)-discovered during the BSOP Project

Every day I learn something new. During this project, when the deadline is tight and I need to depend on my archive of templates for faster production, I found out that all my templates were text/ illustration based! And I required a totally opposite approach – situations and scenarios.

Needless to say, I had to start afresh. And there was something interesting that I discovered/ re-discovered. I have already experienced some of the points. However, it is worth jotting it down.

1. A picture is worth a thousand words. Stay away from bullet points, static text and pictures. Although we follow this rule daily, it is worth a mention (again).

2. Create notes while you make the learner go through the process. This helps in linking current topic with the previous topics

3. The learner must always know his/her GPS co-ordinates. This prevents them from getting lost.

4. This is the ‘Age of Scenarios’. The ‘Age of Examples’ is over.

5. Make sure you connect the dots, if you are discussing a process. Do this, every time you discuss a step. Taking a single scenario and running the process through is a good idea.

Bonus Tip: If you are adding audio, then instead of repeating the on-screen content, try to follow the following thumb rule. Not more than 80% of the content in an audio must match the content on the screen. This compels the audience to keep both their ears and eyes open.

The project is still WIP. And I am currently working on simulations. So, I think there’s still a lot to learn.

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