Exporting Data from Storyline to PDF

While working in Storyline, often we come across a situation, where the user would like to have a takeaway; especially some sort of self made notes as a PDF. It is possible to export the data from Storyline in form of a PDF. Let us see how.

Step 1: Preparing the PDF Generator. I used an open source library and did some modifications to it, so that it may accept the data from Storyline. You can either go to this link and download the original Javascript file to create the PDF; else use my version from here. Extract all the content of the pdf generator and put it in the folder ‘jsPDF’

Step 2: Getting the Data from the user. First the data will be captured by the Storyline in a variable ‘notes’. Then, the data is passed on to HTML using this Javascript code.

var player = GetPlayer();
var notes =  player.GetVar("notes") 
window.location.href = "jsPDF/examples/runner.html?" + notes;

Please note that I have used ‘runner.html’ located inside the ‘examples’ folder. If you are using your own generator, just point the window.location.href function to the new html file. Make sure this all happens inside the jsPDF folder. Now publish the Storyline file.

Step 4: Placing the PDF Generator. Put the ‘jsPDF’ folder inside the output folder of the .story file.

Step 5: Upload the output folder.

And it’s done. Do tell me, how you are going to use it.

See it in action here.

Get the source files here.

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