Quick e-learning tips from a cup of coffee

This is a re-share of one of my earlier posts on blogspot.com.

Today we are going to discuss one of the basic experiences I get every day in instruction designing.

We will learn this after having a cup of coffee (you may prefer tea).

Don’t worry! I’m not going for a break… I was just trying to make you think about a hot cup of coffee (essentially hot). Now, think about gulping all at once.

Crazy! Isn’t it?

We drink it slowly, sipping, knowing that it is wiser to take in small amount at a time.

This is a same route a good e-learning course follows .

No matter how complex a topic is, approach should be such that the content is broken into smaller concepts. This iteration must be continued until every concept is easily digestible.

Once this is done, you’ve got the back of the job broken (as my boss says…J)

Now, the next step is build a flow between all the islets of the concepts and link them so that you come up with the whole picture

So, it’s just a 3 step process:

  1. Break the whole concept into smaller counterparts. Repeat it, until every part is easily understandable.
  2. Create a structure to incorporate the content in a definite flow.
  3. Combine all concepts back to give a complete view.

Now, let’s imagine a hot meal and revise the concepts, shall we? J

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    1. Hi Bob,

      Although I don’t aim to promote any site via this blog, but since u are into e-learning, you are welcome 🙂
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