Building an Online Course ‘Gate Screen’

Update 21 April 2016: The back-end support for missed call function (from Twilio) is not working. Since this is a third party feature, I am unable to anticipate its comeback :(. I am looking for SMS OTP feature as well, but this may take some time.

The awesome community of ELH has a weekly challenge for e-learning enthusiasts. Amazing challenges, and contributions! This particular challenge is about building interesting and interactive ‘Gate Screens’ for courses. Here is my contribution.

I applied a different approach – mOTP. In this, a person has to give his mobile number for authentication. The person will receive a one-time miss call from 1234567XXX

S/he has to enter the number to access the course.

Here is the demo. The mobile no. is not captured by the process right now, so do not worry about privacyJ.

However, we can build a process around that, to capture essential data.

I will update this post with necessary ‘How to…’ soon.


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