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I was browsing through the articulate community, where I came across Josh Stoner’s post on ‘nested menu’. He combined the concept of Slide Master and simple animations to create a beautiful menu template. Since it was in Storyline 2 (SL2), I wasn’t able to run it. (Yup, this was one of the moments, when not having a SL2 gives a heart ache L)


So, I decided to recreate the template in Storyline 1 (SL1). I also made some changes to remove variables out of the equation. This might please non variable-loving group.

The next step was to add a certain amount of gamification element in it. The next topic would unlock, when previous topic is marked as complete. Else a message would appear, asking the user to complete the previous topic.

I know you must be thinking – “Hey! That’s restricted navigation”.


But here’s the twist. What if we can modify it to build a series self checks, where the next self check is unlocked only when the user clears the previous one.

It can also be used to create level based learning. Only when you clear level 1, you will be able to access next level. Food for thought J.

You can view it in action here, or download the SL file here.

In case you are looking for just the menu template –

In action:


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