Play or Pause Base Layers and Slide Layers Simultaneously in Articulate Storyline


Scenario: I am working on a simulation module where it is important to use multiple zoom areas on a single slide. I have categorized the screen into multiple areas, and segregated the information about each area into separate layers for development clarity. The zoom feature though running from the base layer works on the slide layer as well. But once in a slide layer, you have no means to control the base layer i.e. you cannot pause or resume the base layer at will. In short, with the existing conditions prevailing, when you are on a slide layer and you keep the base layer running, the zoom function will auto play without any control.

Alternate solution to this scenario – put the entire content on the base layer (Just imagine the number of objects you need to manage!). But with a little trick we can play or pause the base layer from a slide layer at will,

The line between “Can we…” and “We can…” is very thin when it comes to realizing your ideas in Storyline.

So, here is the solution:

  1. Create a variable named timeline. We will instruct storyline to see this variable for any change in one of the two cases:
    • If change case 1 – Pause the base layer.
    • If change case 2 – resume the base layer
  2. Create an event. In this case if I click a button, both the slide layer and base layer should pause. In case I click it again, both the layers should resume.

Pictorial Guide:

  1. Variable Creation: 
  1. Base Layer Triggers:
  1. Slide Layer Triggers:


That’s it! It’s done.

Possible use case scenario: When you need to play objects/ media on slide layer and base layer simultaneously with the ability to play/pause both at the same instance.

Here is the link to the Sample story file: Base and Slide Layer Simultaneous Play and


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