Top E-learning Blogs and Communities to follow in 2018

Over my eight years in e-learning, I have realized that major aspects of instructional design update over time. To be a successful training developer it is imperative that we keep ourselves up to date with the trending training dynamics.

I prefer to keep a list of websites as a bookmark folder on my browser, which I visit to keep myself at par with the latest trends and techniques in the e-training world. I started this list as a go-to place to learn new tips and tricks in e-learning, but further expanded it to cover the entire training and development domain. I am confident that this list will prove to be an effective reference dictionary for 2018.

So without further ado, I present you my list of top blogs and communities:

  1. The Articulate Community
  2. The Rapid E-Learning Blog
  3. eLearning Industry
  4. The eLearning Guild Community’s Twist
  5. eLearning Brothers
  6. ATD – Science of Learning
  7. Mathew Bibby’s Tutorials
  8. Ashley Chiasson’s Blog
  9. eLearning Infographics
  10. eLearning Wiki
  11. eLearning Chatter
  12. The Adobe eLearning Community

And of course, there’s mine ;).

Please note that the list is NOT in any chronological order, so there is no rating or score attached.

Disclaimer: I know, I know! I missed mentioning some awesome blogs and this puts my knowledge of training and development in doubt. Truth is I have a huge (read huuuuuuuge!) list of bookmarks from where I have tried to sort out the important ones based on the values I have derived from over the years. To all those who would like to suggest additions to this list, you are most welcome. I would add them and credit you as well.


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