A Letter from the Instructional Designer

Dear Learner,

Thanks for giving me the insights into your expectations. I feel happy when I see that my training approach aligns completely to your views. Although I have a detailed process to merge various learning elements to meet your requirements, I will mention some key elements that encompass your wishes:

  1. Learn per your experience: What you already know is an advantage. I will capitalize on that. I have incorporated activities and choices that use your experience and knowledge. Based on your perceptions and further learning needs, the course will guide your planning.
  1. Learn with an agenda: I understand that you are goal-oriented. Your learning integrates organized and well-defined goals right from the beginning. You will get to know how the learning will help you meet your goals. These goals will be specific and measurable at the end of your learning.
  1. Learn through relevance: You are practical and search for reason for learning. So, I have focused on the aspects that are most useful to your work. All the theories and concepts discussed relate to real-life scenarios. I will show you how the lessons will be useful on the job.
  1. Learn by doing: You are free to direct yourselves. I will ease your learning with practical scenarios and examples where you will guide us by learning and then performing the tasks based on your learning in a simulated environment.
  1. Test and Prove your mettle: I acknowledge that tests help you prove your achievements. I have mapped the questions to the course objectives to accurately measure the learning outcome. I have incorporated:
    1. Interim learning activities to sync your learning to overall flow
    2. End of course summaries to refresh your learning in a short time
    3. End of course assessments and assignments with custom feedback to aid your learning path and showcase your skills to your employers.

I hope this helps you foresee your learning matching to your aspirations.

Yours truly,

A teaching enthusiast

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