The palest ink is better
than the best memory.

Hi there!

Welcome to my world of Training and Development. I am passionate about creating innovative and effective learning experiences that drive growth and development. Currently, I lead a team of like-minded professionals on exciting training and development projects.
As a Capability Building Manager, I specialize in developing comprehensive training strategies and incorporating technological tools to enhance the learning experience. When I am not immersed in my work, you can find me pursuing my other passions – sketching, running, and tinkering with codes.
I am an avid gamer and owe my career start to the inspiration and insights I gained from my gaming experiences. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working in dynamic environments that challenged me to think creatively and find innovative solutions.
This website is an extension of my journey, where I share my insights and thoughts on learning and instructional design. From the latest ID theories to technical details related to curriculum design and course development, I cover it all. I also use this platform to share my brainstorming sessions and rough drafts, so feel free to explore and get inspired.
Join me on this exciting journey of exploration and innovation in the world of Training and Development.
Let’s create impactful learning experiences together!
Disclaimer: All the views expressed on this website are mine alone, and does not express the views of my employer.