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This topic will be ongoing, for scribbling the ideas for new blog posts.
The 5 myths have taken a fair amount most of time, and I donot wish to take that much time in future.
Going forward my plan will be to touch the 100 milestone, this year.

Here is the first list

Slider in SL2

Charting via JS

Vlog on MOTP how to
ELH #1
Slider in SL1 via Javascript
Embedding PDF in SL
Creating Crosswords how to in QM and SL
Free resources that will enhance your productivity and creativity ( + many more tools)

Smart phone compatibility is NOT mobile learning
Interactive Map recreation for Steps and Processes: … html5.html

Hack the Toolkit: Menu Template recreation –

Create Crossword template in SL

Post on resizing objects in SL ( … oryline-2/)

Articulate Storyline 2 – Motion Path [Example+ Post]

And the next –

topic 2: Your system should be transparent. The priority should be that the content must be good. Tools should be prioritised later

Topic 3: Elearning is many things. “BORING” is NOT one of them!

Topic: Passing Values – PHP to HTML to Storyline: An Anatomy

Topic: Dynamic Graphs via Javascript

Topic: Replace the passive ‘teach by telling’ approach with an active ‘learn by doing’ model

Topic: PDF Viewer in Storyline

Topic: Action Fine Tuning in SL: The overall video is present as a full recording on every screen. Only selected key frames are shown when viewed in Step by Step mode. But by action fine tuning we can change number of screens required, or amount of recording to be played per screen

Topic: Quick guide to smart phone compatibility

Topic: How Brain works (Cognitive Load)+ Multitasking + Forgetting Curve

Topic: elearning is 8/9 of learning

Some more:

Adding audio [tips and tricks]

Topics for Scenario based Learning

Creating 3D objects in PowerPoint

Some More:

Using Slide Master
Color Selection
Using pictures without stretching it

What to do when you have to quadruple your production for an urgent demo?
[FIS Demo]

Distributed the fresh content in the existing chapter, so that they may have an overview of previous chapters
Review every 2 slides to check if they are in sync.

Tips and tricks in SL/PPT

  1. Creating internal margin for putting text in a box
  2. panning a screen with zoom effect
  3. Snapping multiple objects to a particular time in timeline

A brief history of Time –

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If there’s one place where you can see my regular updates, it’s this one. Welcome to my idea dumping ground. This is my warehouse for all the ideas that I get while I do some other important stuffs. Then I revisit this place at my leisure time to work on those sparks.
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