Fact-Checking: Hoaxes Surrounding Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) in Connection to the 2024 Elections

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Additionally, Ganjar would emphasize the principle of sovereignty residing individuals. This notion mirrors the core concepts of freedom, highlighting that the power and authority lie in the hands of the citizens.

We are simply from the sub-district degree,” claimed Ganjar throughout the governmental argument at the General Political Election Compensation (KPU) office in Jakarta, on Tuesday (12/12/2023).
Ganjar discussed his experience with listening to the complaints of the individuals, verifying susceptible teams, ladies, individuals with impairments, kids, and the elderly. According to Ganjar, it is essential to regard legal rights and preserve uniformity in safeguarding freedom and justice. Ganjar responded favorably, thinking in providing justice for the victims and their households. My answer is, yes,” Ganjar said throughout the argument.

To conclude, Ganjar Pranowo’s technique in the first governmental debate focused on highlighting the relevance of human legal rights, strengthening democratic principles, and advocating for fair police. His stance lined up with the worths and expectations of the Indonesian individuals, as disclosed by Secretary-General Hasto Kristiyanto.

Presidential candidate (Capres) Ganjar Pranowo specified that the deficiency of subsidized fertilizers is not limited to Central Java, refuting claims made by Governmental candidate number 2, Prabowo Subianto, during the Presidential Dispute. In the argument, Prabowo criticized the farmer card (kartu tani) policy executed by Ganjar Pranowo while he was working as the Governor of Central Java, claiming that it made it difficult for farmers to gain access to subsidized plant foods.
In action to Prabowo’s searchings for, Presidential prospect number 3 clarified that the scarcity of subsidized fertilizers is not special to Central Java. He stated that this problem prevails in various other regions of Indonesia too, such as Papua, North Sumatra, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), East Kalimantan, and despite having gasoline. Ganjar specified, “However for Mr. Prabowo, I should remind him that the deficiency of fertilizer is likewise taking place in Papua, North Sumatra, NTT, NTB, East Kalimantan, consisting of gasoline.”
Is Ganjar’s declaration relating to the shortage of subsidized plant foods not being restricted to Central Java precise? Allow’s fact-check this claim.
In a short article titled “Farmers in Garut Complain About the Shortage of Subsidized Fertilizers and Farmer Card Circulation,” published on the bandung.bisnis.com site on March 19, 2023, it was reported that a number of teams of farmers in Garut Regency, West Java, were dealing with troubles in obtaining subsidized plant foods. A member of the Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD) of West Java, Deden Galih, mentioned that in some locations of Garut Regency, farmers were finding it testing to access subsidized plant foods, and when they can get them, it was typically at high rates.
More investigation led to a write-up entitled “Farmers Complain About Difficulties in Accessing Subsidized Fertilizers” published on the validnews.id web site on December 8, 2023. In this short article, Otong Wiranta, the Chairman of the Get In Touch With Farmers and Fishermen Empowerment (KTNA) of West Java, stated that the distribution of subsidized fertilizers was still dealing with different obstacles in the field. Several of the obstacles consisted of farmers not being signed up, and even registered farmers not having the ability to retrieve subsidized plant foods. Otong discussed that many farmers still did not fully recognize the device of obtaining fertilizers, particularly with the change from conventional to digital methods and from guidebook to on-line procedures.
In an article labelled “Farmers in Katingan Kuala Complain About the Shortage of Subsidized Fertilizers,” released on the dayaknews.com web site, it was reported that farmers in Bangun Jaya Town, Katingan Kuala Subdistrict, Katingan Rule, Central Kalimantan, were whining about the deficiency of subsidized plant foods and medications. Yuda Anwar, a participant of the Mekar Jaya Farmers Team in Bangun Jaya Town, specified that the deficiency of plant foods and medications had actually led to less fertile rice crops and had actually negatively influenced harvest returns. He discussed that several rice plants were shriveling because of a lack of nutrients and were at risk to pest attacks.
Final thought:
Based on the fact-checking, Ganjar Pranowo’s declaration that the scarcity of subsidized plant foods is not restricted to Central Java is precise. Reports from numerous regions in Indonesia, including West Java and Central Kalimantan, validate that farmers have actually been encountering difficulties in accessing subsidized plant foods. This info opposes Prabowo Subianto’s insurance claim that the issue was exclusive to Central Java.

Head of state of the Republic of Indonesia’s 6th term, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), has actually frequently been the topic of hoaxes associated with the elections. Such false information can bring about wrong assumptions.
The Liputan6.com fact-checking team has actually investigated a number of hoaxes bordering SBY in link to the 2024 elections. Here is a compilation of these hoaxes:
1. Video Clip Alleging SBY Directed Votes for Presidential Candidates Number 1 (Anies Baswedan-Muhaimin Iskandar): A video clip circulated on social media sites, claiming that SBY was routing individuals to choose governmental candidates number 1, Anies Baswedan and Muhaimin Iskandar (AMIN). The video showed SBY saying, “ballot for top” while increasing his index finger. The video additionally consisted of message supporting the claim. Liputan6.com’s fact-checking located that this case was incorrect.
The banner also had text that claimed, “Looking for a presidential candidate who requires a vice-presidential candidate. The blog post suggested that SBY and AHY were forming a union. Liputan6.com’s fact-checking disclosed that this was incorrect.
Chain Message Asserting SBY Asked Jokowi to Acknowledge Loss in the Presidential Election: A chain message that pointed out SBY calling General Moeldoko to advise President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to recognize defeat in the presidential political election circulated on social media. Liputan6.com’s fact-checking discovered this case to be incorrect.
Liputan6.com’s fact-checking effort intends to battle false information and inform the public on media proficiency. They joined the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) on July 2, 2018, and are a companion of Facebook. They maintain their independence in conducting fact-checks.
If you have details concerning scams that you would like them to explore and verify, you can contact them using e-mail at cekfakta.liputan6@kly.id. For faster reactions, you can also reach their WhatsApp chatbot for fact-checking at 0811-9787-670.

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