The 10 Commandments of audio recording for your courses

Today we will discuss the workflow of audio recording for our e-learning courses. We shall go through them, step by step. These are to be covered to get the audio files, finalized and ready to be synced.

Step 1: Get the audio script finalized.

Step 2: Get the audio script translated. [This step is optional, and need not be performed in case, there is no translation.]

Step 3: Get the audio script (translated) reviewed by the SME.

Step 4: Review the translated script, once by yourself. If there is any error, notify the translator and get it corrected. After correction repeat step 3.

Step 5: Record the audio.

Step 6: Do a basic check* on the recorded audio.

Step 7: If the audio clears the basic check, submit it to the chapter owners for further cleaning and syncing.

Step 8: Owner cleans the audio file and gets it reviewed by SME.

Step 9: Repeat step 5, if there is rework on the audio.

Step 10: Once approved by the SME, the audio is ready for syncing.

*We shall discuss about the parameters for a basic audio check, later.

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