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Entering the root

So after 6 years, 5 months, 22 days into Instructional Designing, the realization dawned on me.

My initial company totally overshadowed L&D/T&D with just one blind thing “PRODUCTION”.

T&D is more than that. I can say that their whole business is one T&D (but without any proper consulation ;)). When getting directions, guess I was too naive to trust them after all. But all’s not sour as I learnt as well.

After joining a new organisation I found out all the cogs of this machine.

My next aim is to be at the top of T&D tree.
Currently I am eyeing for the consultant role.

Need to do some research, but I believe it starts from TNA. Too much to learn and I am already getting old :P .

Let’s see what my future beholds.

If there’s one place where you can see my regular updates, it’s this one. Welcome to my idea dumping ground. This is my warehouse for all the ideas that I get while I do some other important stuffs. Then I revisit this place at my leisure time to work on those sparks.
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